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Mission Statement:

Providence Global Academy (PGA) is dedicated to making a global contribution to the education sector by utilizing our LiveStream classroom. We are committed to the traditional learning model, which relies on direct interaction between instructors and students. By using real-time analytics and other digital learning tools, we are able to provide an individual based first-class education to each enrolled student. In addition to providing quality education to the developed nations, PGA is also devoted to providing the same quality education to students in third world countries at little or no cost. We are implementing this program through partnerships with institutions already providing education in the prospective countries.

Providence History

It is a pleasure to share the history of Providence Global Academy. The foundation of the school is found at the Bremerton, Washington campus. Yet it was years ago that work began to reach out online to students who could not attend here. Because of the work done by some visionary pioneers in education, today we can offer a Christian school education to people all over the world. Providence Global Academy is something very special and unique. 

Nearly fifty years ago a group of local pastors got together determined to try to make a school based on Christian values and to provide a Christian education to the children in Bremerton. That vision to start a Christian school was fulfilled and although the name has changed, the purpose and goals for our existing have not. Every school has a value system and the one we have chosen as ours is one that has existed since our beginning. Even today that legacy has endured as some of the students at that original school are teaching today at Providence Global Academy.

Providence can extend the historically excellent education found at the campus in Bremerton to places all over the world. Not only are we reaching out to students worldwide, but we have brought students into our campus in Bremerton from many countries.

We like to say Providence Global Academy is a place “where the world comes to learn.” This is more than a slogan. It is our reality for local students and for students around the globe.

Campus Tour


Graduation for us is truly a celebration because we are doing more than simply graduating students from high school. We are sending off the leaders of tomorrow to continue their studies and higher education institutions across the nation. Our goal is to prepare our students to be able to be successful in college and in whatever vocation they are led to in the future.

Powerful Alumni

Our alumni have gone into many areas of society. Some are doctors, Lawyers, nurses, television personalities and business people. Yet there are many who have been called into ministry as well. We are well represented by teachers, church workers, missionaries and those whose calling is to serve others. This is very rewarding for those who serve in our schools to know we not only have produced the champions of business, but we have also produced those who are serving to glorify God’s kingdom. We have been very blessed to see our students become an important part of our society all around the world.