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9th - 12th Grade
Sierra Rogers
Spring 2020

This course helps to fulfill the graduation requirement of two lab science credits. The following are the overarching units of instruction, followed by the specific objectives used during each unit. When a student completes the Health course, they should have a comprehensive understanding of all unit material covered throughout the year.

The main goal of Health is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their bodies as it relates to change, diversity, energy, and homeostasis. The course will also emphasize the development of overarching health practices including scientific inquiry, analytical and computational thinking, data and model interpretation, constructing explanations, and designing solutions all while experiencing the importance of collaborative work.

  • UNIT 1 – Physical Health
  • UNIT 2 Mental Health
  • UNIT 3 Social Health and Personal Health
TimePlaceRoomDate RangeInstructor
TBD – TBDOnlineVirtualJanuary – JuneSierra Rogers
Duration of Classes: Secondary (9-12): 85-minute block sessions lasting through one semester, comprising one half the school year.
Text Used: Boe, S. (2005). Total Health: Choices for a winning lifestyle. Colorado Springs, CO: Purposeful Design Pubs.
By the end of the year, students should have a broad understanding of the major themes in Health – change, diversity, energy, homeostasis, and scientific inquiry. They should have a basic understanding of and be emerging in their ability to employing the scientific method and basic problem-solving practices. They should understand the importance of careful data analysis in their ability to seek logical conclusions and pose new questions for further research. They should continue to develop the skills of working collaboratively as part of a research team