Science 7

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7th - 8th Grade
Cyndi Zoolkoski
Spring 2020

Students are required to take Life Science in their seventh-grade year. Life Science is one of the three main branches of science. The main goals of this course are to provide students with a basic knowledge of life science, a variety of organisms, and their many processes; preparing them for Biology; a required course in high school. They will be comfortable using various tools in order to study organisms and will be prepared to learn more advanced concepts about living organisms.

  • Pre-Unit-Methods of Science (Nature of Science-NOS)
  • Unit 1 – Life: Structure & Function
  • Unit 2 – Life: Structure & Function
  • Unit 3 – Life: Animals
TimePlaceRoomDate RangeInstructor
TBD – TBDOnlineVirtualJanuary – JuneCyndi Zoolkoski
Duration of Classes: This class is taught at the 7th-grade level for 85 minutes each A or B day for the entire school year (2 semesters).
Text Used: Life Science by McGraw-Hill
By the end of this course, students should have an understanding of life science and its limits. They will also have an understanding of the basis of all life (the cell), how to study it with scientific tools, how to classify and organize information about all living organisms, be familiar with various systems within an organism, how organism reproduces and how traits are passed on through the inheritance.