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9th - 12th Grade
Colleen Pagaard
Spring 2020

Pacing depends on how quickly new students understand the information they need to do the work of creating the book. Adequate time is spent on every unit to ensure mastery in each area. Students demonstrate their understanding by using what they have learned to put the entire book together throughout the year.

Students at Crosspoint can elect to take Yearbook anytime during grades 9-12. Students must apply for the class and meet specific criteria to qualify. The main goal of the class is to complete a professionally published book that accurately records the events of the schools’ year through student-written information combined with photographs.

The following are the overarching units of instruction, followed by the specific objectives used during each unit. When a student completes the yearbook course in high school, they should have a comprehensive understanding of all unit material covered throughout the year. The main goals of this course are to provide students with the basic skills needed in the publishing industry and prepare them for any career that requires a collaborative work environment.

  • Unit 1 – Getting Started
  • Unit 2 – Planning for the Book
  • Unit 3 – Reporting & Writing
  • Unit 5 – Photography
  • Unit 6 – Layout and Design
  • Unit 7 – Cover school events and compile information for the year
TimePlaceRoomDate RangeInstructor
TBD – TBDOnlineVirtualJanuary – JuneColleen Pagaard
Duration of Classes: Secondary (9-12): 90-minute block sessions lasting through two semesters, correlating into one school year.
Text Used: How to Yearbook – Herff Jones (for instructor).
By the end of the year, students should have a wide understanding of the professional publication industry and what it takes to create a school yearbook. They should also have developed skills in collaboration, interpersonal communications, time management, meeting deadlines and working in a professional job- life environment.