How is this online school different? – Students here can take classes online or classes at our camp us. The credits are the same either way. Additionally, our online classes include actually live-stream teaching. Not all schools who are online are able to say that.


Will there be an option for an online student to join your brick and mortar school in the United States? If so, will my credits transfer, and would PGA facilitate the process? Absolutely. This is the reason why we say the value of the online class and the class offered in the school building are the same. The credits you earn online will be like if you earned them at our school in Washington. A student who takes this next year online would be welcomed to our campus in Washington as an existing student. There are additional costs for students who live here, but once you start you can join us on campus if you clear your governments’ requirements and you qualify for a visa from the US government.


How big will the online classrooms be? Classes will be around twenty students or less. At Providence our primary goal is to make sure each student can achieve in the classroom, As needed, we will add additional classroom facilitators to our online offering to make sure every student has an excellent experience.


What if I need extra help on a subject? All students will have direct access to their teacher and the teachers support through the information provided.


How can I take a class if I live on the other side of the world?  We will hold some classes at off hours to help students in different time zones.


Who will provide my Diploma? Providence and our partner, Gateway.


Is Providence Global Academy fully accredited? Yes, through Advanced ED


When does school start and stop? 

For students, we will start on September 1, 2020, and finish on June 11, 2021


Will there be a teacher assigned to each specific student? No. But students will be assigned in small groups to teachers.


Will Universities accept my transcripts? Yes.


What is the required level of English to attend class? Students taking the TOEFL test need to be in the 80 to 85 range for admission into high school. Another commonly used test is the IELTS. Students should be in the 5-6 range to be able to succeed in school. The Cambridge CPE is another option and students need to pass that with a C grade. The EIKEN test, used in Japan and Korea, would be good. TOEFL Jr is also an option.