My name is Ell Loney. As a student I had teachers who believed in my abilities and gave me the courage to continue expanding my knowledge and understanding. This education shaped me as a leader as my peers and I were taught to believe we had the power to make a difference. Yet, what is truly beautiful about the school, is the community based on Christ. This is a place where everyone is seen, heard, and known by students and teachers. Here I found true belonging in the hallways and classrooms and cafeterias of the school. For the first time, my voice was heard as I lead in student government and performed on stage in the schools theatrical group. Teachers prayed for me and showed me how to love those around me by demonstrating Christ’s love in the way they taught. I know a large part of who I am today comes from the values taught and demonstrated at school.

My experience in high school was very beneficial towards where I am now.  The class material was quite advanced and since entering college everything that I have been learning in college has just been building off of what was learned before, so I haven’t been feeling left behind or anything in these upperlevel university courses.  That speaks to the excellence of teaching in my previous school.

Ell LoneyStudent

I was very fortunate to have had exceptional teachers in math with Mrs. Sue Sheline and Mr. John Anderson, along with Dr. Phil Fernandes’ vast knowledge of the Bible and philosophy and his guidance down in the weight room as well.  The school environment was amazing, with teachers who are always eager to help with additional questions that students have and even being close to many students as friends for their personal lives if desired. 

The sporting and extracurricular scene was also very impressive, as even a small group in Performance Company (drama class) was able to put out high quality shows every semester.  Sports teams have been very competitive in recent years, with both men’s and women’s soccer winning championships in recent years and both women’s volleyball and men’s basketball reaching state and the golf team winning the state championship title!  Along with being competitive, however, they are very open to those who are a novice to the sport and just want to have some fun and be a part of a team.  The school’s rule is that sports teams are not allowed to cut students from the team, so everyone will at least be on the team and get to practice and play in some games, which is an awesome experience for anyone who desires it. 

Overall, I am very grateful I went to this school.  It has prepared me for college and life as a whole.  It has also given me kind and caring mentors who I will continue to go back and visit when I get the chance.  I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other high school.

Nathan TaylorStudent

My secondary school experience is an exceptional example of what a school should be. It provides a unique balance of engaging in rigorous academics and developing a biblical world view. Every student needs to know that their learning environment is a safe one that will guide, train, and push them onto success after graduation. The staff and faculty provided me with just that which led me to study Elementary Education at University. I was so inspired by the dynamic of education and biblical community showed me through its daily function that I wanted to study it further and be apart of the realm of Christian Education as my career.

I have just finished my first year of teaching in a school and marvel at the opportunity I had in contacting my teachers to ask them for teaching advice. I realize that even six years after my graduation, these teachers are not just there to teach their students for a term, but are there to be cheerleaders throughout their students’ lives. It is because of this, that my school remains a fond memory of mine.

My most fond memory would have to be participating in the Performance Company under directors Ms. Gwen Mansfield and Mrs. Lauren Healy. These afternoons were filled with singing, dancing, acting, building sets, making costumes, and forming life long memories. I cannot begin to imagine how many hours we students memorized blocking and lines to become showready. But what’s more memorable is the time we spent in community with one another, praying, eating, and building friendships.

These moments led me to have a better understanding of where passion for what we do lies. I desired to explore the arts, practice vocal skills, and memorization, but I was even further blessed with friendship and community. That’s what’s so fantastic about my school experience. I expected excellent academics and received so much more


My time in high school was one of growth both personally and spiritually. I found myself surrounded by supportive teachers and staff who not only cared about me academically but also cared about how I was doing personally.

During the seven years I attended, I had the opportunity to play both sports and become deeply involved in the arts. I was a member of Performance Company, the school auditioned theatre program, and Vision, a small auditioned vocal ensemble that rehearses before school. My involvement in the arts, inspired by teachers who know the importance of creativity and self-expression, lead me to peruse a career in the Arts.

My days in school were filled with supportive teachers, loyal friends that will last a lifetime, and challenging academics which prepared me for university. By participating in advanced classes the school had to offer, I now have more flexibility in my university schedule to take courses within my major. The challenging academics that I experience in high school not only prepared me for university but helped me prepare for a lifetime of success. It challenged me not only to be studious and responsible but also how to ask for help and use the resources around me provided to help my succeed and become a well-rounded person.

Mackenzie BredaStudent